UvA Trilearn 2001 - Soccer Simulation Team



'UvA Trilearn 2001' is a team that participated for the first time in RoboCup 2001. The team had been built from scratch and did not contain any code copied from other RoboCup teams. Therefore much of the initial effort had gone into getting the lower level aspects to work. The intention was to try to improve upon some of the low-level methods used by other top teams from the past. This has among other things led to an advanced synchronisation scheme and very accurate methods for position and velocity estimation. Much attention has also been paid to the software engineering aspects of the project for comprehensibility and to facilitate future use. Long term scientific goals will focus more on higher level aspects such as multi-agent strategic reasoning, adversarial planning and multi-agent modeling using a coach agent.

Research Group Members

dhr. J.R. Kok ( - Research and Implementation
dhr. R. de Boer ( - Research and Implementation
Prof. dr. ir. F.C.A. Groen ( - Team Coordinator
dr. N. Vlassis - Research Coordinator


University of Amsterdam (UvA), Faculty WINS, Department of Computer Science
Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group
Kruislaan 403, 1098 SJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Key Publications

  • An article about our graduation project appearing in the WEIS faculty paper 'Dirk' in april 2001 (only in text format and in dutch): Robot Voetbal Simulatie
  • A general team description of the 'UvA Trilearn 2001' soccer simulation team which describes the state of affairs in april 2001:
  • A research abstract describing the research focus of the 'UvA Trilearn 2001' soccer simulation team (this paper was part of the qualification material for RoboCup 2001):
  • An article in the BNVKI newsletter describing some global aspects of our team and the results of our team in Seattle:
  • Team Description Paper for RoboCup 2001 book:
  • Towards an optimal scoring policy for simulated soccer agents (technical report):
  • The Incremental Development of a Synthetic Multi-Agent System: The UvA Trilearn 2001 Robotic Soccer Simulation Team. Master's thesis:, thesis.pdf.


The binary of UvA_Trilearn 2001 as used during the Robocup in Seattle is available here.


Parts of the source of UvA Trilearn 2001 are available here. The released source contains our lower levels (synchronization, world model, basic agent skills) together with a simple high-level strategy, similar to the one released by FC Portugal after RoboCup-2000 to make a working team. This code is released under the modified BSD-license. This basically means that the software may be used, modified and copied as long as the copyright notice, the list of conditions and the disclaimer are reproduced in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.

The associated html documentation can be generated from these sources or be downloaded here.


German Open

We participated in the German Open 2001 and became 5th (of 12) in this competition.


Round Opponent Score
Group Aras (Iran) 2-2
  FC Portugal (Portugal) 2-5
  Lucky Luebeck (Germany) 4-0
  Sharif Arvand (Iran) 1-2
  Osna Ballbyters (Iran) 16-0
Elimination (winners) Dr. Web (Russia) 0-1
Elimination (losers) RoboLog (Germany) 4-0
  Dr. Web (Russia) 0-1

All results can be found at

Robocup 2001 Seattle

We participated in the World Championships RoboCup-2001 in Seattle and became 4th (of the 42 qualified teams) in this competition.


Round Opponent Score
Group I TsinghuAeolus (China) 0-7
  Living Systems (Germany) 6-0
  Harmony (Japan) 3-0
  rUNSWift (Australia) 2-0
Group II TUT-groove (Japan) 6-0
  A-Team (Japan) 4-0
  FC Portugal 2000 (Portugal) 6-0
  Cyberoos (Australia) 8-0
  Rolling Brains (Germany) 5-0
Elimination (winners) Wright Eagle (China) 2-1
  FC Portugal 2001 (Portugal) 1-4
Elimination (losers) FC Portugal 2000 (Portugal) 6-1
  Brainstormers (Germany) 0-1

All results can be found at or

More Information

More information about the RoboCup Initiative itself can be found at
The official site for the German Open is located here
The official site for Robocup 2001 is located here

Qualification Material

The qualification material for RoboCup 2001 can be found below. We understand that all binary products participating at RoboCup 2001 soccer simulations, whether for player clients, coach, and/or other tools used in the competition, are REQUIRED to be released for research usage by August 31st, 2001. We also understand that source code release is highly encouraged.

  • A game log of 'UvA Trilearn 2001' playing against 'FC Portugal' using server 7.xx for a single full length game: qual_logfile_uva2001.log.gz(3.5MB).

    Note that this logfile (version 2) was created using soccerserver 7.04. It has been generated on two AMD Athlon 700 MHZ, 512 MB machines running Debian GNU/Linux with kernel 2.2.17 which are connected by a 100 Mbit switched ethernet network. More information about the hardware used can be found here. The soccerserver/monitor and our own team 'UvA Trilearn 2001' have been run on one machine and 'FCPortugal' on the other. If necessary the server logfile containing all the commands is also available: qual_server_uva2001.log.gz(2.7MB).

  • A 2-page research abstract describing the research focus of the team and an overview of results in RoboCup and any additional domains:

    A remark is in order here. At first we thought that this meant that we had to write a team description paper containing a general description of our team. It was only several days before the qualification deadline however when it was clarified to us what was actually required. We then transformed our team description paper into a paper that better conformed to these requirements and the result of this can be found above. We strongly encourage however to also read our original team description paper (which can be found here) since it contains more complete information about our current implementation and future plans.